A few love letters from past clients

Ms. R
"This was the experience of a lifetime! I was an international client and Carolyn went above and beyond to accommodate my dates in such a short time. She was very easy to connect with from the start and was wonderful at providing guidance on what to expect on the day. Carolyn is a very genuine and talented photographer who knows exactly how to capture your best features. Having had two children back-to-back I was feeling a little self-conscious but she made me feel so confident and beautiful from the moment we started shooting. We ended up having so much fun, chit-chatting and laughing throughout the shoot, it felt like I was spending the day with my friend! I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks!

What Carolyn did for me was beyond just produce beautiful photographs of me, but she also gave me a sense of confidence and self love that I hadn't felt in a long time. For that, I am eternally grateful."
Ms. C
"The whole experience was uber comfortable, I love it that Carolyn made it a point to have a face to face meeting prior to allow us to get to know each other better. During the shoot I felt at ease, not once did I feel I was judged by how I looked. She made the session relaxed; we talked, we laughed, it was as if I was hanging out with a girlfriend.

My initial fear of looking slutty or crass was alleviated by Carolyn's keen eye for beauty. The shots she showed me on her camera were a woman fully in control of her body. I went home feeling empowered and energised. My journey as a woman till that point was mainly a blur, realised that I had to go through the ups and downs in the past to become the person I am. To say I had a renewed sense of self worth is an understatement."
Ms. Q
"These shoots are a wonderful mix of vulnerability and confidence, and the result is powerful! I loved the session and the photos and would recommend Carolyn’s boudoir shoot to anyone, especially as a reminder of just how beautiful the female body is, whatever the shape and size! The amazing photos are one thing, but the feeling that I came away with – that I was a strong and beautiful woman – will last for years, and always be reignited whenever I see those photos. Thank you Carolyn!”
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