How can I be sure that you’re the right photographer for me?
It’s so important that my client feels comfortable. Which is why I insist that we meet before booking your photo shoot. I really enjoy having a chat so that we can get to know each other better, talk about ideas for your outfits and generally ensure we are a “match” in terms of expectations – all before confirming a booking.

I really have no idea how to pose for photo. 
I will coach you through the whole process and I know what poses best suit which body type. Some of my clients have brought bring pictures they want to re-create. I can certainly draw inspiration from the pose or the mood of the shot and apply it for you. 

How far in advance do I need to book my boudoir shoot?
Currently there’s around 4-8 weeks waiting time. A deposit is required to secure your booking. 

I want to do a photo shoot and also buy a photo book as a surprise gift. How much lead-time do I need to enable this?
As there is a lot of careful time and effort in selecting and processing your images, plus premium quality photo books are custom made, please allow 8 weeks from the date of your photo session for your book to be ready as your special gift. 

What payments do you accept? 
Cheques, cash and payment directly into The Boudoir Photographer’s bank account is preferred. Paypal is also now available if needed.  

How soon will I be able to receive my images?
Usually within 1-2 weeks of your photo shoot you will receive your digital images.  

Where is your studio located?
My home studio is near the Singapore Botanic Gardens very close to Bukit Timah Road. The nearest MRT is Botanic Gardens. 

What should I wear? 
You should bring your favorite pieces of lingerie along with accessories – and don’t forget high heels! Many women use their shoot as an opportunity to splurge on a few new items.

How many outfits can I bring? 
You are welcome to bring more outfits than you’ll be shooting in, as it’s great to have options on hand. However I usually shoot a maximum of three (3) changes in a normal session. 

Do you provide hair and make-up
Yes, hair and makeup is included in the Session Fee. You will be in the hands of my trusted professional stylist to make you look and feel glamorous. 

Who owns the photographs after the boudoir shoot? 
You have rights to the photos done during the photo shoot for any private usage. I do not share any client images without written permission. I respect your privacy and will only share images with your consent. Your photos are processed and stored securely in the studio, and you can chat with me as to which images, if any, are allowed to be used on my website or social media. Whatever you prefer is fine, and I assure you that your choice will be respected. 

How long does the session take?
Hair and make up usually takes 1 to 2 hours and the photo session is approx. 3 hours also, so that’s 4 to 5 hours in total. I know, it sounds long, but time flies when you’re having fun! Sessions start in the morning and I’d suggest you block off the day to really enjoy your boudoir experience in a relaxed manner. 

How much skin will I be showing in my boudoir photo shoot? 
This is totally up to you! As the client, you ought to have full control over how much skin you do (or do not) want to show off in your boudoir shoot. 

I am concerned about privacy whilst being

I understand that, whilst exciting, a boudoir session is also nerve-wracking. I know you want privacy during your shoot. My hair & makeup artist is a woman and I have a strict “no men allowed” policy for my studio.