"This was the experience of a lifetime! I was an international client and Carolyn went above and beyond to accommodate my dates in such a short time. She was very easy to connect with from the start and was wonderful at providing guidance on what to expect on the day. Carolyn is a very genuine and talented photographer who knows exactly how to capture your best features. Having had two children back-to-back I was feeling a little self-conscious but she made me feel so confident and beautiful from the moment we started shooting. We ended up having so much fun, chit-chatting and laughing throughout the shoot, it felt like I was spending the day with my friend! I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks!  What Carolyn did for me was beyond just produce beautiful photographs of me, but she also gave me a sense of confidence and self love that I hadn't felt in a long time. For that, I am eternally grateful."


"The whole experience was uber comfortable, I love it that Carolyn made it a point to have a face to face meeting prior to allow us to get to know each other better. During the shoot I felt at ease, not once did I feel I was judged by how I looked. She made the session relaxed; we talked, we laughed, it was as if I was hanging out with a girlfriend. My initial fears of looking crude or crass were alleviated by Carolyn's keen eye for beauty. The shots she showed me on her camera were a woman fully in control of her body. I went home feeling empowered and energised. My journey as a woman till that point was mainly a blur, realised that I had to go through the ups and downs in the past to become the person I am. To say I had a renewed sense of self worth is an understatement."


"Our wedding was perfect! My husband enjoyed the boudoir photos (as my wedding gift to him), but I have to be honest, I think I got a bigger kick out of them!!"


“A boudoir photo shoot should be a liberating, fun and memorable experience, producing outcomes that exude style, class and sensuality. Carolyn delivers it all. Every question she asks and every snap she takes are purposeful, focused and full of intent, allcontributing towards results that exceeded my expectations. Seeing Carolyn's previous work gave me the confidence of her skills but what blew my mind was her patience and heart of gold that makes her truly a delight to get to know as well as to work with.”


"These shoots are a wonderful mix of vulnerability and confidence, and the result is powerful! I loved the session and the photos and would recommend Carolyn’s boudoir shoot to anyone, especially as a reminder of just how beautiful the female body is,
whatever the shape and size! The amazing photos are one thing, but the feeling that I came away with – that I was a strong and beautiful woman – will last for years, and always be reignited whenever I see those photos. Thank you Carolyn!"


“This photo shoot was more fun than I could have imagined! Carolyn has an
amazing knack of relaxing you straight away, and I barely noticed the time passing. I knew she was enjoying it as much as I was too! By the end of the session, I was so amazingly confident and happy that I could have sauntered down Robertson Quay in my lingerie that night!”


“I just want to let you know that my husband absolutely loved the photos! 
Thank you for your amazing work, you have shown me how beautiful I am and looking at these photographs has given me more self confidence.”


"Carolyn is a skilled and wonderful photographer who really understands every body has a story. She is great at making women feel at ease, positive and confident about being photographed, regardless of how their bodies may look. It's the little, personalised touches, like asking me what kind of wine I would like to drink during the shoot. Or providing healthy, small snacks like fruit, crackers and cheese (modeling can be tiring and a girl's got to eat, but not get bloated!). Or asking me if the makeup is to my liking and if I feel 100% comfortable with the look. Or even ensuring that I come to a spacious, well lit, clean room with the air conditioner already on for an hour, so that I still look my best in Singapore's sweltering heat. The photoshoot itself was so much fun and we shared a lot of laughs! It was very natural, casual, with a lot of encouragement from her, and an open exchange of ideas about the shots and poses. It definitely exceeded my expectations and is a wonderful experience I will never forget. I highly recommend it!


“I absolutely loved my first ever boudoir photography shoot and would highly recommend it. As I have not really done anything like this before, I was amazed at how much fun it was and I was thrilled with the final results, as was my husband! Carolyn was just fantastic throughout all stages. She gave me great tips in advance (especially through Pinterest) on what boudoir photography is really like and engaged a fantastic glamour hair and make up artist to make me feel extra special on the day. Carolyn’s positive, bubbly and calming nature helped me relax and her custom boudoir studio really created a great atmosphere. Thank you for such a positive experience to embrace being a woman!”


“Carolyn words cannot describe adequately the wonderful and amazing gift you created. I was speechless and awe struck by it. My eternal thanks for your work - it is a gift I will treasure for the rest of my life.”